Rovelyn Pollock

Rovelyn Pollock

It all started with a young girl in the Philippines, who lost her father at a young age. Living with extremely humble means, the family worked to grow their own food, slept in a one room shelter and learned to live without the things you and I take for granted.

One day, a gift from God. This young lady was offered the opportunity to go to college and become a teacher. Her decisions set the path for she and her husband to meet on one of his trips to the Philippines. Together, they started a family run business and built their lives back in America.

David & Rovelyn Pollock

David & Rovelyn Pollock, Founders

They both knew that their lives were blessed, but realized how many family and friends back in the Philippines really needed their help. Each month, they sent a little bit of money back home to help with food, shelter and medical help. Looking back, this small contribution provided countless meals, a home and helped save the lives of a few family members.

That is when they knew they had to do more. They decided that by giving other young girls the hope of a future, it would make a huge difference in making the world a better place. Filled With Hope Foundation was born.


Living in poverty affects children mentally and physically. Poor nutrition, insufficient housing, homelessness, stress, inability to even finish junior high and high school – yet alone college, all lead to a lack of hope and a continuation of the cycle of poverty.

In the Philippines

  • 59% are low-income and poor, with families making $100 a week or less
  • Over 3.5 million school age children are not able to attend school.
  •  83% of these children are aged 16-24
  •  63% of these children are female

These girls will one day be the mothers of the next generation, the future we are all counting on. However, because of marriage, family matters, the need to work or the high cost of education, they have no choice but to leave school. Filled With Hope Foundation is empowering girls and young women by helping supply food, shelter, and tuition to change their lives and the lives of future generations.


David & Rovy founded a successful, family run manufacturing business in the U.S. and committed to setting aside a percentage of revenue from each and every shipment to finance the foundation. The family and a group of other professionals, with a variety of backgrounds, all wanted to volunteer their time to help with the mission.

“I never realized how many others felt the way we do”, said David. “As we shared our mission, I was humbled by how many people wanted to get involved. We quickly realized that with every donation, every corporate sponsor, every volunteer, we could increase the number of girls we can help to break through barriers and achieve their full potential. By investing in these young women, we are lifting them out of poverty and giving them an opportunity to help others, just as they were helped along the way.”